SDL Trados 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) is a software support services (Translation Memory) the best in the world today. With many new features SP2 update:

   * SDL Trados 2007 SP2 allows you to work with the best technical package of SDL. SDL package that includes all project files, to easily create, send and open through the tool chain support services:
* Quality - Package your translation projects with the standard installation and accurate information. In the SDL package, the environment has translated all the features you need to be able to start translating immediately. The result was to reduce costs and improve quality.
* Quick and easy to use - An application that allows quick connection and file all information necessary for the successful implementation of a multi-language translation projects.
* The organization - SDL Package can analyze, track programming and service projects with a simple interface.


* SDL Package: All in a project file for upgrading service quality, speed and efficiency of translation
* Over 320 new updates: SDL Trados SP1 and SP2 has added many new features and improve the disadvantages in the use
* The not overlap: Never offer twice the same service.
* SDL PerfectMatch ™: Today, SDL Trados 2007 SP2 combines the technology required to eliminate duplicate content showing 100%, saving time and cost!
* Improving the quality of service: SDL Trados 2007 SP2 is an important part of the CCM approach, and is leading the translation software to support the most effective.
* Save time review: Some quality control features the fastest, most efficient in the QA Checker 2.0. Plus the quality control can be used for editing and project management services with SDL Trados Synergy.
* Fully compatible with Windows Vista: Make sure you use the latest Microsoft technologies
* Works with most text formats: HTML, XML, SGML, XLIFF, Interleaf / Quicksilver, Microsoft ® Word *, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint ®, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Clipboard, Adobe ® PageMaker6.5, Adobe InDesign CS ®, Adobe FrameMaker ® ​​7.x/8.x ...
* There are more options: With multi-language translation environment (Translator's Workbench, SDLX and Tag Editor)
* Increase the quality and efficiency: Combined with SDL MultiTerm allows you to raise and use the special terminology, and effective support services terminology touch with your application.
Connect Global Information System: SDL Trados 2007 SP2 gives you the ability to work together with global information systems, combined with the TSP system, interpretation, translation companies and other the compan.

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