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Interpreting the contents of the site into many different languages ​​with true customer requirements ...

Fine Arts Co. Ltd offers UK customers remedies optimal language, helping customers to overcome language barriers, a convenient and effective.
Before we start, we need to understand the target customer is, and what country they're in their documents in the field, since we know that the content and style suitable to the country, with this category, this field may not be consistent with other countries, other areas, other genres.
Understand and grasp the trend, technical terms of language and culture, new language can transform the most effective way. What we translate, translate to the language, the culture of your practice.
For years, our company strives to provide customer-service sessions in the field of translation expertise, inventory accumulated extensive specialized terms, prices are more competitive with low compared to most domestic and foreign companies, so we get the cooperation of many companies, agencies and individuals. With the large number of translations, we designed a line of professional translation and meet the diverse needs of customers.

Essential English translation with translation and interpretation staff and collaborators to meet translation certified translation of the company and notarized how gomcac language: English-French-Russian-Chinese-Han-Nom-Japanese- Korea-Germany-Thailand-Laos-Cambodia-TayBan Nha-Poland-Portugal, Finland, Brazil, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Czech, Arabic, English ... In particular we have more than 30 minutes interpreter of the professions, in particular we do not collaborate with students, recruit translators only have 2 years experience in translation. We guarantee the quality of translation for the following areas:

- Science & Technology: When translating technical documents, it is most needed is the translation from terms to be accurate. Why? Technical documentation can say is that the boundary between life and death. Exaggeration reasonable? But you try running a machine with the wrong guide book, you'll see how this is serious!

That is why translators when working with these documents to prove their experience in this area like. With a guide book to use such machines, translators have excellent language skills and master the machine, is not enough, they also must be familiar with the jargon for this machine in both languages language, original language and the language to be translated.

That is why we collaborate with experts in different fields to help us solve this problem. Good language translators and technical experts is the choice of our solution in the process of working with specialized technical documentation.

Finance and Banking: The financial report, announced financial markets, its annual report to shareholders ... document is "indispensable" in the current market economy. Multinational cooperation, joint venture global financial documents need language internationalization. The most important thing in the transformation of language in this area is to use the correct terminology in the correct context. Revisers have to work our meticulous and careful when editing your documents  

We also use translation memory to ensure consistent and context of your words in documents.

Insurance: Essential English translation is proud to offer translation services for document translation projects for major insurance companies Insurance Vietnam. During project implementation over a year, Tinh Anh get close coordination and cooperation of the company's comprehensive insurance Bao Vietnam, making love was a memory and specialized dictionaries MultiTerm insurance is extremely valuable. Tinh Anh asserted confidently with customers domestic and overseas professional translation services in the insurance industry with the most accurate term would be provided to guests from Tinh Anh Do

, Building: Essential English translation has many years in providing translation services for companies such as the construction of urban projects, plant construction, building ... We also contribute to work for many companies in the construction bid documents, construction plans and documents related to construction.

Information Technology: With a team of experienced IT professionals is the English translation Essential services exclusively for IT companies in Vietnam. Settlement language documents as well as IT-related IT jobs is one of our professional. Currently, Fine British companies offering professional translation services for FPT and companies in the IT sector in Vietnam.

Literature and Art: Fine English translation is the author of several books in the fields of literature, religion, medicine, economics, security, psychology, fashion .... Currently we are working to translate many publishers and many foreign and domestic newspapers. In addition, we also participate in several films translate speech, drama, puppet show ...

Translated book: Essential English translation was made many valuable books translated and received a warm welcome from the readers nationwide. Books: Depression and insomnia, 100 steps is successful, 52-way politician, Get rich from stocks, etc. are all good book selection is Essential English translation of foreign books. Tinh He wants to partner with bookstores, publishers and other organizations involved in compiling and publishing your book, valuable, contributing a small part of effort to translate books in warehouses Vietnam.

In addition, areas such as education, economic, political, social, subjects math, physics, chemistry, bio, specialized materials on environment, geology and religion are .... the field is Essential English translation service for many years. We have a system of specialized dictionaries for translation work. Using translation software Trados support, database translation memory is built from software Trados is a precious asset of our company, help the translators agreed terms, raising from quality, reduce time and effort, thereby reducing the cost of translation. That is one reason why a team of experienced translators, excellent, but the cost of Essential English translation equivalent or even lower than those companies that use translation collaborators students. That is the key to unlock the door of the competitive market our company.

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